And the Oscar goes to…


Is it time the role of the Casting Director was honoured in the shape of a golden knight, standing on a golden reel of film (otherwise known as an Academy Award)?

Woody Allen thinks so. In a rare public correspondance with The Hollywood Reporter the esteemed film director / writer / actor / general genius attributes a significant portion of the success of his films to the work of his long standing Casting Director Juliet Taylor, who introduced him to the likes of Meryl Streep.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 13.15.24

Woody Allen and Meryl Streep in Manhattan, 1979.

We see successful director / actor / writer partnerships all the time (Baz Lurhman & Leonardo Di Caprio, Quentin Tarantino & Christoph Waltz, Enda Walsh & Cillian Murphy…) yet close relationships between directors and casting directors have the same power to create memorable performances and unforgettable chemistry on stage and screen.

Will we see a Casting Director celebrated alongside actors / directors / writers and producers? I hope so. While we wait, here's the trailer for the spectacular Blue Jasmine (casting director – Juliet Taylor).